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anchor Marine Projects

The use of Helix Anchors for marine mooring applications was pioneered by David Merrill in the early 90's. Helical Piers & Helix Anchors have grown in usage throughout the world for a wide variety of applications. The superior holding power of these embedment style anchors, along with cost saving advantage make them an attractive choice.

These environmentally friendly anchors, (minimum disturbance when installed) are being used to help protect coral reefs & eel grass areas around the world.

Below are some of the projects undertaken by


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City of New London CN

41 helix anchor and Eco-mooring rode moorings for the City of New London CN Summer of 2011 - We just completed the installation of 41 helix anchor and Eco-mooring rode moorings for the City of New London Connecticut.


Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Atlantic Highlands NJ Install of 170 helix anchors Spring of 2009 we installed 170 helix mooring anchors in a gridded layout for Atlantic Highland Municipal Marina, NJ. Sailboats up to 65 ft. in length are now secured against one of the most exposed mooring areas along the east coast of the US.

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Hatters Point Marina

Hatters Point MarinaWithin months of securing the new floating dock system with 70 helix anchors, a 100 year flood destroyed marinas up and down the river. Hatters Point Marina's anchors held not only their own docks, but debris from the up river marina that broke apart.


Newburyport, MA , James Brugger Residence

Newburyport Residential Dock

With the Merrimack River's strong, ever changing current(s) the floating docks secured with helix's, has remained in a stable position to support the pier head ramp. The reliability of the helix anchor position is superior to other anchors that can change location without warning.


Anguilla Reef Project

Underwater helix anchor installation in Bonaire A mooring field in Anguilla is one of the many underwater installations done by around the globe.

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