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anchor Marine Projects

The use of Helix Anchors for marine mooring applications was pioneered by David Merrill in the early 90's. Helical Piers & Helix Anchors have grown in usage throughout the world for a wide variety of applications. The superior holding power of these embedment style anchors, along with cost saving advantage make them an attractive choice.

These environmentally friendly anchors, (minimum disturbance when installed) are being used to help protect coral reefs & eel grass areas around the world.

Below are some of the projects undertaken by


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Norwegian Cruise Lines

High capacity mooring to hold Norwegian Cruise Line tenders. We designed and installed a helix mooring system, to withstand the forces that NCL's heavy tonnage , 100 ft. long cruise ship tenders would exert on them, during 60 knot wind events. A year later, after numerous storms, the systems are holding fine.

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Maine Residence

Maine Residential DockIn the past few years we have been called to Casco Bay area of Maine to secure many residential floating dock systems. Dock systems in shallow waters benefit greatly from the Helix Anchor's high holding strength, while creating zero obstruction to props and keels.


Hampton River, Hampton , NH

Hampton Marker Buoys -- Hampton NH The NH Port Authority's channel markers could not be held reliably, with traditional anchoring devices. We installed light duty helix anchors to hold there markers in the exact locations, to provide safer passage of vessels through the shallow waters of the river.


Iceland, Westman Islands

Iceland - Free WillyWorking with Jean Michael Cousteau's organization (Ocean Futures), we helped secure the barrier net anchoring system to contain Kako the whale, (FreeWilly). Using a combination of helix anchors and rock anchors the netting system was held securely in one of the harshest environments on the face of the earth.



Curacao beach buoysThe Curacao Fisheries Dept., has recently installed our helix anchors to hold their swim barriers in place. They have also been converting their dive site mooring anchors to our helix anchors.


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