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Live/Dive Pacific, Inc.

Live Dive dock line eco-mooring rode applicationDear David,

I just wanted to express to you how happy and excited we are here in Kona with the integral shock cord mooring lines that you guys made for us. As we both knew going in, neither of us could really predict what the results would be with your shock lines on a 150 ton vessel used in this application....well, we have answered the question with a big time affirmative!!

Since the addition of just the single mooring line acting as a stern spring, we have all but eliminated the "freight training" we have experienced over the past 20 years. When the weather is dead flat at the dock in Kailua-Kona, we have little problem with this impact, but with only the slightest side swell at the dock we are throwing people everywhere! 

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New London Ct. Purchasing Agent

Dear Dave,

Testimonal - New London Ct. Purchasing Agent I am writing to thank you and your staff for excellent work you did installing the new forty-one (41) boats mooring field at the Waterfront Park in New London, CT. From the installation of the helix anchors using the latest in global positioning survey technology, the Eco-mooring rodes and the Softlite mooring buoys, the work was done professionally and completed in a timely manner. New London now has a mooring field that is not only boater friendly, but environmentally friendly as well.

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Gloucester, MA Assistant Harbormaster

Dear Dave,

I have a pier and float system on one of the tidal estuaries in Gloucester. I keep my 30 ft. houseboat at the outer end of the floats and I purchased two 6' helix moorings from you in 2008 to tether the boat and take stress off the float and pier system. I turned both helixes in by hand during the low tide and although it was a fair amount of work, I was able to do it with a 6' crowbar. Your helix moorings have been holding my boat in place for the last 3 summers with no issues and I have been very satisfied with my purchase.

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