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The Revolutionary eco-Mooring System

The Eco-mooring System from boatmoorings.comThe revolutionary eco-Mooring System* adds exceptional strength & elasticity throughout the mooring structure while protecting the fragile marine environment from harmful bottom chain scouring of sensitive marine habitats.

As the traditional method of mooring boats continues to fail, rust, and destroy fragile marine habitat, people have begun to look for better methods of addressing these issues. Our environmentally friendly, high strength, elastic eco-Mooring System provides solutions to age old problems.

The eco-Mooring System


  • Elasticity with strength
  • Eliminates scouring of harbor bottom by chain
  • Custom lengths can be fabricated
  • Abrasion resistant high tensile cover
  • Non Corroding design yields longer life
  • Energy absorbing polyester jacketed cover
  • Can be used with variety of anchors or moorings (Best when used in conjunction with a Helix Anchor)


  • Longer life span than traditional chain
  • Helps reduce chafing of pendant
  • Makes it possible to shorten vessel's swing area


  • 12 Strand Polyfiber Rope
  • 28,000 lbs Tensile Strength
  • Stretches from 12 ft. to 17 ft.
  • Floats above sensitive habitat
  • Absorbs wind and wave motion

Download the complete Brochure here. Read more on our Eco-Mooring Systems website.

* Patent Pending