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Why Use an eco-Mooring System?

eelgrass damage

The marine environment is a fragile ecosystem and even moreso near the shoreline where boaters often need to moore their boats. Traditional means of mooring boats using heavy weights and chains that drag the bottom as the winds and tides move a boat around can do irreprepairable damage to this fragile environment. In recent years this issue has gained greater visibility as we begin to understand the complex interrelationships between the environment and the quality of life on this planet.

Importance of eelgrass habitat

Eelgrass serves as an extremely valuable spawning and nursery habitat for a variety of fish and shellsh species, including winter founder, summer founder and bay scallop. It also is an important primary producer supporting the base of the food chain. Throughout Massachusetts and the Northeast, eelgrass meadows have been declining over the past 20 years. This decline is primarily from deteriorating water quality, but also as a result of a wide range of physical alterations such as dredging and filling, as well as boating related impacts.

Impacts to eelgrass habitat from moorings

Eelgrass habitat is vulnerable from a number of boating related activities, including the use of traditional chain moorings. Traditional chain moorings, when placed within, or adjacent to, eelgrass beds, can severely damage habitat through bottom dragging and scour. Furthermore, the disturbance to the seafoor by mooring chains can suspend sediment and decrease water clarity, which diminishes the level of light penetration critically important to eelgrass growth and survival.

What are eco-Moorings?

The eco-Mooring SystemAn eco-mooring system can be described as a mooring system that is designed to avoid contact with the seafoor, generally through the use of fexible, foatable lines. Depending on the substrate, helical anchors may be used in place of traditional concrete mooring block in order to reduce the footprint within eelgrass or shellsh habitat. The revolutionary eco-Mooring System designed, manufactured, and distributed by is the leading ecologically friendly boat mooring system.

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